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Gear List

Pre Amps

Allen and Heath ZED-428 Desk (24 x 'DuoPre')

API 3124+ 

API 500-6B Lunchbox

Focusrite ISA 828 

Neve 1073lb x 2

Universal Audio 4-710d


RME Fireface 800 x 2

Focusrite Octopre MKI

Universal Audio 4-710d

Computer / Software

Apple PowerMac G5
Logic X
Logic 9


DBX 160A Compressor / Limiter x 2
Drawer DL 231Expander Compressor

Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor
Focusrite Compounder Compressor

Korg Toneworks Rack Tuner
TLAudio Ivory 5021 Valve Compressor

Roland Space Echo RE-201
Univox Pro Verb

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2


PMC TB2+ Passive Monitors
Yamaha HS50M Active Monitors

Auratone Mixcube Mono Monitor
Art Headamp Pro 6

Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones X 2

Audio Technica ATH-M40 Headphones x 2

Beyer Dynamic DT100 Headphones x 4


Audio-Technica AT8033
Audio Technica ATM450
Audio-Technica ES947W
Audio-Technica AT841UG x 2
Audix D6
Cascade Fathead Stereo Ribbon x 2

Electro-Voice RE20
Electro-Voice RE320

Neumann TLM-103
Oktava MK 012 x 3

Placid Audio Copperphone
Primo UD-324
Prodipe RSL Stereo Ribbon
Rode K2 Valve Condenser
SE1a x 2

Sennheiser AT804
Sennheiser e602
Sennheiser e906 x 2
Sennheiser 421 x 2
Sennheiser 441

Shure Beta 52a

Shure SM7B
Shure SM57 x 2
Shure SM58 x 4

Yamaha Subkick

DI's and Reamp Boxes

Lynx LDI-2 Passive DI Box x 3

Klark Teknik CM-2 Microphone Booster

Radial Pro RMP Passive Re-Amping Box

Radial Pro DI Passive DI Box

Radial X-Amp Dual Reamper

Tech 21 Sansamp RB1 
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2



Pearl Forum Rock Drum Kit

Ludwig Black Magic 14x8 Snare

Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 14x5 Snare (Olive Badge 1978)

Premier Chrome 14x5.5 Snare (1960's)


Zildjian Avedis


Danelectro DC59 12 String

Fender Jazzmaster x 2

Fender Mustang

Fender Telecaster

Gibson SG Special

Martin DSR1 Acoustic

Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic


Fender Musicmaster

Fender Precision


Hammond Organ

Leslie Rotating Speaker - 125 Model

Yamaha Digital Piano P-95

Yamaha Organ

Guitar Amplifiers

Burman Pro Series
Fal C-40-T Combo
Fender Bassman

Fender Hotrod

Marshall JCM2000

Marshall JTM45

Matamp 1224MKII

Guitar Cabinets

Marshall 1960A 4x12

Marshall MF 4x12

Randall 2x12

Bass Amplifiers

Ampeg SVT

Burman Pro Series 4000

Fender Bassman

Bass Cabinets

Ampeg 8x10

Barefaced 2x12

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